How To Buy Premium Membership Step by Step

How To Buy Premium Membership Step by Step

Step 1:  Please Register a account  Click this Link:


Step 2:  login your account

Step 3 :  Click Extend Account / Premium  :

Step 4: Choose you payment method like Paypal etc

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Image 2

How To Buy Premium Membership  via  Voucher key / Serial Number From Reseller

After you get the Serial Number / voucher key , Follow this instruction to Activate Premium Activate:

Step 1: How to Find Voucher key and premium Key:

1 Login your account and click Order list

2. click  view

3. Copy your Serial Number/ Voucher key

Step 2: How to activate Serial Number / Voucher key

1. Click Extend Account / Premium  :

(Please register a new account, if you don’t have an account)

2. Paste your Zeroupload Serial Key  / voucher key in “Apply Premium Key” and click “Apply” to become Premium user.

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