Japanese For Relationship Building (JLPT N4/ JLPT N3) Courses

Japanese For Relationship Building (JLPT N4/ JLPT N3) Courses

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Japanese For Relationship Building (JLPT N4/ JLPT N3) Udemy Published 9/2020 Free Download

Practical approaches to build a romantic relationship in JAPANESE!

What you’ll learn

  • Useful Japanese phrases that can be applied throughout the dating stage.
  • Phrases that can be used for building friendships.
  • Understand the psychology of women with a specific emphasis on the Japanese culture.
  • Intermediate level of Japanese.
  • Interested in Japanese culture.
  • Read minimal Kanji and understand basic Japanese grammar.

Hi, I am the instructor of Japanese for relationship building (JLPT N4/ JLPT N3), which is a Japanese language course where you learn the phrases regarding dating relationship building process! Suitable for intermediate level–JLPT n4 and JLPT n3.

  • Want to transform your Japanese into something more concrete in life?
  • Want to have more fun in Japanese than just reading or writing?


Do you have a practical mindset with language study?

Do you get bored easily with textbook-like conversations that are lifeless?

Are you trying to master Japanese because there is a dream you want to achieve?

It is easy to get bored even irritated with grammar-loaded pages and unfamiliar phrases in the textbooks in front of you. Sometimes, it is even hard to remember what you just learned last week! You get tired and even lose interest in continuing with the next chapter.

I understand how it feels.

I remember when I got to the intermediate level in Japanese, information eluded me easily and I was distracted ALL THE TIME. Not that I couldn’t concentrate but simply bored with the same process every week.

I wondered, when was I ready to hold a conversation in real Japanese…

I had a dream.

I wanted to live in Japan.

I wanted to speak at the same level as a Japanese person….

Yet, it seemed so far away…

Until one day, I started to write blogs in Japanese, talk with Japanese friends and made a Japanese boyfriend…

I realized that all the years I spent on this language were meant to create this reality.

Imagine having conversations that are more practical and purpose-driven.

Imagine you are learning the phrases so you can use them RIGHT AWAY!

Imagine you are learning the language of Japanese and the language of LOVE


In 2016, I met a young Canadian man who was looking for a Japanese girlfriend. He didn’t have ANY background in the Japanese language but he had GREAT enthusiasm and confidence in himself. I taught him some Japanese phrases and told him about the psychology of Asian women. He fully embraced it.

Then, one day, it happened….

After months of searching, he found her.

To my surprise, he manifested the whole thing in 6 months!

Now, they are about to have their first baby, happily married in Canada.


Language is just decoration if it cannot improve your life.

Learn how to put your knowledge into use RIGHT AWAY has the potential to change everything for you.

It has certainly changed mine.

All the jobs and businesses I built are based on the JAPANESE language.

I work with Japanese clients confidently and they trust me because of my mastery over the language. I can write books in Japanese, teach business in Japanese, read newspapers and listen to university-level Japanese lectures and understand it.

The advantage of English speakers is that we are action-takers.

We do what we set our minds to.

This is a trait that Japanese society admires and it strengthens your image when you come to live in Japan. Knowing the knowledge, you open up your door to miracles.

How do I know? Because I did it!

When I landed in Japan the second time, I negotiated with my Japanese Airbnb owner to sublet the house to me without any extra fees. He did. But he did it because I spoke the language perfectly and had a passion for business, just like he does. So he helped me in any way he could when I stayed in that city.

No friends. No Family.

If I can do this, you can too!

Because…I am only revealing it here….

It took me a YEAR to master katakana and hiragana!

When I learned how fast people on average do that, I felt so embarrassed… jlpt online course free

Later on, I tried to hack this language and quickly obtained n1 within 4 years from a complete beginner. (If I could master the Kana in 3 months, that could be 3 years!)

The whole secret lies in language success is the SPEED to which you can turn the knowledge into practical use.

This means you need to use it RIGHT AWAY!



This course isn’t another dry grammar Japanese Conversation Course

Nor does it require hours of sitting in front of a computer screen watching video after video, until your eyes grow droopy. online course japanese language

This course is about delicious and stimulating phrases on Japanese interactions, delivered succinctly. best online jlpt course

It is all about knowing the phrases and structures so you can put to practice–as soon as tonight if you feel like to!

Okay, ready to get started? Pull up a chair, grab your laptop and let’s begin this exciting adventure together, today.

To you and your near-future success in Japanese!

*This course is NOT for BEGINNERS!!


  • You are learning Japanese for a purpose.
  • You want to embrace this culture by incorporating it into your life.
  • You don’t have the time (or be honest…. brain space) for huge, long, drawn-out courses.
  • You are ready to manifest a beautiful life stage with this magical language. jlpt online registration 2020


  1. …HOURS OF BRIGHT, ENGAGING VIDEO TUTORIALS chopped into digestible 3 to 5 minute bite-sized chunks.
  2. REAL DATING PROCESS FROM THE FEMALE PERSPECTIVE so you can immerse yourself in the right pace of the dating game.
  3. 80+ downloadable slides so when you visit Japan for a while you know what to expect!


There are MANY courses out there based on the grammar level…but this course is based on practical experience, more targeted and right to the point. In fact, you will NOT find another course like this in the market!=)


I can’t wait to help you to take a step closer to your dream/goals where you can explore the richness of life and the happiness of a wonderful life journey! I am dedicated to teaching you how to manifest your dreams in another country (i.e Japan) so there will be more Series to come!

– Vivian, The Japan Nomad Girl

P.S. I’d love to get to know more about you and your goals for taking this course!

Enroll in Japanese for relationship building now, and feel free to ask any question!

Who this course is for:

  • Japanese learners who want to build a romantic relationship with a girl who speaks Japanese.

Japanese For Relationship Building (JLPT N4/ JLPT N3) Udemy Published 9/2020 Free Download

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