MoGraph Mentor – 3D Styleframing and Art Direction Free Download

MoGraph Mentor – 3D Styleframing and Art Direction Free Download

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MoGraph Mentor – 3D Styleframing and Art Direction Free Download

What you’ll learn from this workshop

Tony and Thanos will help you navigate through their technical and artistic process to create beautiful 3d work. You’ll own the skills to create 3d style frames.

01 : Design Elements

To set a strong foundation for the next modules, Tony and Thanos will walk you through the foundational design elements. A deep dive into shape and color as tools you can use to make beautiful work.

02 : Design Priciples

This module will focus on the core design principles that Yeti Pictures uses to create their work. A look into rhythm, harmony, balance, contrast, and emphasis. You will leave this module with a deeper understanding of the foundational design principles.

03 : Composition & Storytelling

The longest module of this workshop includes important concepts around crafting strong compositions. Many beginners and intermediate level artists struggle with mastering composition in a way that tells a story.

04 : Environment Styleframes

This module focuses on a case study from Yeti’s portfolio. This artistic training is combined with technical training in Cinema 4D, specifically looking at the C4D field engine and a few tips on creating dynamic scenes faster.

05 : C4D & Design Patterns

This module will again mix case studies from Yeti’s portfolio with technical training. This time with a look at Cinema 4d and X-Particles, you’ll understand the steps that Yeti takes to create some of their most beautiful work.

06 : X-Particles & Octane

Continuing to examine C4D and X-Particles. We want every student of this course to understand the technical and artistic approach of Yeti, so when you look at their work, you’ll know exactly how it was made and with what tools.

07 : Designing Styleframes

Creating great styleframes is about combining your knowledge of design and 3D into beautiful images that tell the story. After this module, you should feel confident in your ability to deliver beautiful styleframes to your clients or audiences around the world.

08 : Post-Production Techniques

The work doesn’t stop when you render out of Cinema 4D. Post-production techniques, such as color grading and effects, can add more beauty to your 3D work. This module will focus on teaching you Yeti’s process in post.

09 : Conclusion & Resources

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, you’re likely a much better designer and 3D artist! We will conclude the course with a look towards some resources that can continue to ignite your creative passions!

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